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  • Seawater factory aquaculture system
Seawater factory aquaculture system

Seawater factory aquaculture system

  • Modular shipment, no installation
  • Complete function, customizable
  • More reasonable design
  • Smaller energy consumption
  • Product description: Through modular installation, the factory aquaculture system is integrated together to form a set of mobile, customizable factory circulating aquaculture modules. Reasonable design, less power consump
The seawater factory aquaculture complete set system is for the seawater fish and shrimp factory high density aquaculture or the seawater fish and shrimp seedlings equipped with the system equipment. Including mechanical filtration equipment, power water pump, uv sterilization system, thermostat equipment, drip biological equipment, protein skimmer and so on. The functions are as follows:
1. Automatic drum microfilter is generally adopted for mechanical filtration equipment. When the fish feces and other organic solids of fish in the fish pond sink into the fish pond, they are concentrated at the sewage outlet in the center of the fish pond through the action of eddy, and flow from the pipe at the bottom of the fish pond to the microfilter. After filtering through the filter screen of the microfilter, it is clean

Water is pressurized by the main circulating pump behind the microfilter into the ultraviolet sterilizer. The microfilter is set to be fully automatic. The organic matter in water can be completely separated from the water at the first time, so as to avoid the further decomposition of these substances into ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances in water.

It should be noted that the placement of the microfilter should match the water level of the fish pond. Since the water is flowing into the water by itself, it should be noted that the water level of the fish pond should not exceed the highest water level of the water level of the water level meter of the micro-filter when the filter is placed. To prevent the water from draining away from the drain pipe of the microfilter.

2. Ultraviolet sterilizer is a water treatment equipment that sets philips ultraviolet sterilizing lamp in PVC pipe. After the water is filtered, the transparency increases. When it passes through the pipe of the ultraviolet sterilizer, the bacteria, viruses and microalgae seeds in the water are all killed. The advantage of ultraviolet sterilizer is sterilization.At the same time, no residual substances are produced.

3. When the water is sterilized and sterilized, since the water coming out of the protein skimmer and biofilter at the back is automatically returned to the fish pond, the chiller, protein skimmer and biofilter should be connected in parallel. That is, the ultraviolet sterilizer through the water through the three - way, divided into three. Respectively go to the heating and cooling machine,Protein skimmer and biofilter.

4. The heating and cooling machine is a thermostat device with corrosion resistant pure titanium as evaporator. Use air as energy source, compressor as power. Energy is exchanged by refrigerant. It sets the target temperature at the first run. Later it will switch freely between the heat pump and the chiller. When circulating water, the temperature is within its setting range, it does not consume electricity. Therefore, the heat preservation measures of the system play an important role in the electricity consumption of the heating and cooling machine.

5. Protein skimmer is a machine for separating solid suspended matter from water by microfiltration bubbles. It is generally effective only for sea water. Fresh water is less effective. In a certain way, many air bubbles with extremely small diameter are produced in water. Through the adsorption of air bubbles, the solid suspended matter of small particles in water is adsorbed and passed on

By separating the particles from the water by foam. The protein skimmer is a filter that does not clog up. Because it has a lot of bubbles in the process of air flotation, so it has a good aerobic effect.

6. The biological filter is the core of the circulating water system. Under the action of decomposing bacteria, amino acids, grease and other substances in water are decomposed into ammonia, sulfide ammonia, nitrite and other substances. These substances are toxic to fish and shrimp. We target the heterotrophic bacteria by adding biological fillers, and they can take these.Substances are converted into nontoxic nitrates and other substances. The factory aquaculture system with biological filter is a complete circulating water treatment system.

When cultivating bacteria, the biofilter needs the water temperature, oxygen solubility and PH value to reach the appropriate indexes. Therefore, protein skimmer and ultraviolet sterilizer are indispensable.

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